TrustFood is a non-profit Foundation deploying cutting edge biotechnology and data-science to deliver quantitative evidence for the nutritional causes of human metabolic disease.

We promote universal health and well-being through the creation of a global coalition of patients and others to drive sustainable lifestyle adaptations publically and industrially.

This we achieve through initiatives like
The Meterbolic Project





TrustFood partners with clinical and life science researchers and clinicians to collaborate in projects to quantify the fundamentals of the relationship between diet and metabolism.

TrustFood provides a unique mobile analytical platform for precision measurement of Insulin and other relevant molecules. This is a rapid test from a finger droplet of blood and connected to a real-time dashboard for live data visualisation and data analytics.

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About TrustFood

TRUSTFOOD FOUNDATION is an initiator of the charitable DIFFERENCE FOUNDATION a wide-reaching global drive to reverse the human and financial catastrophe caused by the current epidemic of metabolic diseases, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This will be achieved through a radical shift in the quality of scientific investigation used to examine these conditions. It will use the highest scientific standards and uncompromising rationality to interpret, develop and direct quantitatively robust and data-intensive science.

DIFFERENCE FOUNDATION is being led by scientific and clinical leaders in metabolism and (re)insurers to shake up research into the relationship between diet and health. The very first target is to create a win-win through integrating the new metabolic science with the operations of the health insurance industry and to advise health reinsurers, insurers and health management organizations accordingly.

TrustFood’s main objective is to promote the science of metabolism and the relationship of diet and health through more intensive measurements and on a large scale. This is why the Meterbolic Project was created as a platform of metabolic practitioners, researchers and enthusiasts to share data and to help guide – and yes even build - the digital infrastructure for analysing and sharing this data. The is intended to extract value both for the interpretation of the data for the n of 1 individual as well as for advancing the science per se.

Paul Smit

Dr Paul Smit is an expert in Healthcare innovation and technology and Nanomedicine. As Senior Vice President at Royal Philips he was instrumental in transforming Philips Healthcare into a global leader in the medical technology industry.

Paul has worked with the European Commission as the chair of the Nanomedicine Platform and led or participated in major healthcare technology-related initiatives on national and international scale. He holds a PhD in Mathematics and Natural Sciences and published over 20 scientific papers on molecular and solid state physics.

Paul exemplifies physical fitness and zero decline with age through a programme of tennis, i field hockey, cycling, swimming and running.

Eric Smith

Eric Smith qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1987 a the University of Cape Town. He followed a career in international trading before studying biotechnology and Computer and Information science to develop precision assays.

Eric is committed to contributing to the fight against the Metabolic Crisis that currently besets our species through the work of TrustFood, advising healthcare organisations and as a co-founder of Charitable Foundations. These operate on the principle of bringing the best scientists and emerging science to the leaders and decision makers in the insurance industry to help them to find a win-win between their businesses and the societies that they serve.

Gabor Erdosi

Gabor Erdosi is Experienced in international sales, business development and biotech consulting with an extensive knowledge of the Hungarian healthcare sector and medical devices.

He has a Masters degree in Business Administration, specializing in Strategic Management and in Molecular Biology specializing in Genetics

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